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Sweet Potato Halwa Recipe | Quick Breakfast Recipe | Recipe Under 40 Min

Sweet potatoes are consumed mostly on fasting days. This sweet dish can be prepared at any occasion. This recipe is usually prepared with cooked sweet potatoes.

Preparation Time

20 min

Cook Time

20 min

Total Time

40 min

Best Time to Cook

Morning / Evening breakfast / Lunch/ Dinner

Ingredients -

Sweet potato

4 - 5 medium size or 2 -3 large size


1 cups


6-8 tablespoons


​1 pinch

Green Cardamoms

5 - 6 pcs


10 - 12 pcs


1. First steam cook or pressure cook sweet potatoes in a pressure cooker.

2. Let the pressure cooker cool down.

3. Peel off the sweet potatoes and smash them well.

4. First take a deep pan and add ghee in it.

5. Add cashews in it and fry them well until they turn golden.

6. Remove cashews and keep them aside.

7. Now in the same ghee, add smashed sweet potatoes.

8. Stir well and saute for 3-4 min.

9. Add sugar and saute again for 4-5 min.

10. Add crushed cardamom and stir well.

11.Keep stirring and cooking halwa until ghee starts splitting outside.

12.after another 10-12 min, add cashews and stir the mixture well.

13. Serve hot sweet potato halwa on a plate.

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